Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way Through Integrative Therapies

Many of our patients have made the decision to seek their own path to healing and health, but have trouble finding their way, given the many alternative approaches and the overwhelming and contradictory information that is available on them. We view our role as in part to help you navigate what can otherwise be a confusing and even potentially negative path.

We find that it is helpful to conceptualize healing approaches from the three perspectives: physical, biological/biochemical, and energetic.

As physical beings, we have musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and circulatory systems that can be helped by manual therapies (chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc) and movement/exercise practices that aim to align structures or free up flow through them. In conventional medicine, surgery is used for similar purposes.

As biological beings, we have physiological and biochemical systems that can be helped by food, supplements, vitamins, and herbs as part of our functional medicine and dietitian services. Where absorption issues or need for high levels of nutrients exist, we give them as IV infusions. In conventional medicine, medications are used for similar purposes.

As energetic beings, we have psychological, spiritual, and energy systems that can be helped by psychotherapy, meditative, and experiential (hypnotherapy, breathwork, shamanic) therapies, and by acupuncture, reiki, laser, and electromagnetic therapies.