Pain Management

Integrative Health Practices, LLC and Morrison Chiropractic, PA offer an integrative pain management program to help patients reduce chronic pain and associated use of opiate medications.  Chronic pain is an experience that results from sensitization of neural pathways, inflammation, musculoskeletal misalignment and imbalances, and learned psychobehavioral responses.  Our program provides a multidisciplinary approach to this condition.

Initial medical evaluation, by IHP’s Maria Shesiuk, PA under the supervision of Dr. William Rollow, typically will result in laboratory testing to identify factors that may be contributing to pain.  Initial musculoskeletal evaluation is by Morrison Chiropractic.  Based on these evaluations, Maria meets with the patient to propose a plan of care that may include psychotherapy and pain education, chiropractic, nutritional counseling, massage, acupuncture, and personal training/yoga therapy.  Services are largely insurance-covered (see Insurance).