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IHP Newsletter – April 2019

Cannabis Conversations

We have held monthly Cannabis Conversations since September.  At these events, patients interested in medical cannabis, including those who are in the Maryland Medical Cannabis dispensary program, have gotten together to talk about how cannabis can be used to address health issues.  As the number of patients in our practice who are newly participating in the Maryland program has declined, now that the program has been available for more than a year, we are suspending Cannabis Conversations for the next couple of months.  If you are interested in attending an upcoming conversation, let our receptionist know by calling us at 410-648-2555 or emailing us at  We have generally met from 7-8 pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

Pain Management Program

Since January we have offered a new pain management program.  Pain is a chronic condition that affects as many as 10% of adults in the US.  In the past several years, it has become more problematic for many as a result of its treatment with opioid medications, which has resulted in dependence on these medicines, with potentially dangerous complications.

Pain at the time of an injury serves a useful purpose – to motivate us to address the cause of the injury or to treat it.  When pain becomes chronic, however, it limits our functioning, and often no longer reflects an underlying injury that needs treatment, but instead arises from sensitization of pain pathways and the brain’s interpretation of the inputs that it is receiving.

Our pain management program seeks to help patients reduce pain and use of opioid medications for those who are dependent on them.  In the program, patients are evaluated medically, psychologically, and physically, and an interdisciplinary plan is developed to address the many factors that are contributing to pain, medication dependence, and disability.

If you are interested in this program, you can read more about it on our website (Pain Management), or call us at 410-648-2555 or email us at

Maria Shesiuk – Yoga and Personal Training

Our new Physician Assistant, Maria Shesiuk, PA-C, is an RYT 500 yoga instructor as well as an NASM certified personal trainer.  She provides individual yoga and personal training services.

Many patients have musculoskeletal issues that can be addressed through training that accesses the healing power of physical movement and mindfulness practices.  Her goal is to help clients gain and maintain vitality through breath and body awareness, meditation, flexibility, and strength training.

Maria has great respect for B.K.S. Iynegar who developed a style of yoga that emphasizes precision and alignment through the use of props minimizing the risk of injury or strain.  She shares his philosophy that yoga practice should be designed to fit the individual rather than forcing the individual to fit he yoga practice.  Maria enjoys empowering her clients to learn how to develop safe and effective home practice.

Maria’s yoga and personal training sessions are available on Friday afternoons between 3:00pm – 8:00pm. Contact us at 410-648-2555 or