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IHP May 2018 News

Welcome to Our New Physician Assistant

We are happy to welcome a new practitioner to the Integrative Health Practices team.  Tammy Jett-Parmer, PA-C is a physician assistant who has been working in the fields of functional and environmental medicine since 2007.  She complements our practice with her integrative medicine skill set, focusing on hormone therapy, thyroid balancing, gut health, allergies and sensitivities, chronic infections, and nutritional therapy.  Patients may choose Tammy as their primary practitioner; she will consult with or refer to Dr. Richter or Dr. Rollow as her supervising physicians as needed.

Tammy loves to garden, hike with her family, and dance.  She is devoted to meditation and the teachings of the Diamond Approach.  She lives in Owings Mills, Maryland with her husband, teenage son, and two German Shephard dogs.  Her oldest son attends Virginia Tech.

IV Nutrient Therapy

We have now added IV Phophatidylcholine (PC) to our other IV therapies: Meyers Multinutrients (for fatigue and well-being) and Vitamin C (25 or 50 g for cancer or infection).  PC is a component of cell membranes, which are often disrupted in toxic, infectious, or inflammatory/degenerative conditions – particularly affecting neurons – and may be beneficial in neurologic conditions.  See Services or our recent Post for a full discussion and Fees for current pricing.

 Medical Cannabis

Now that the Maryland dispensaries are open, Drs. Richter and Rollow are certifying patients with appropriate conditions for medical cannabis.  If you wish to be considered for such certification, please schedule an appointment with us.  All certified patients are expected to attend a cannabis educational group session that we will offer shortly.