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IHP March 2018 News

Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Dementia

We had a great turnout at our January 17 Brain Matters patient workshop.  Since that time, we’ve begun apply Dr. Dale Bredesen’s protocol – which Dr. Rollow was trained on in December – to about a half dozen patients in the practice.  As Dr. Rollow has emphasized, the evidence supporting this approach is evolving, and currently consists of two small (10 patient) case series published by Dr. Bredesen in 2014 and 2016 showing improvement in cognitive function and brain volumes.  We are tracking our results with patients and will provide an update during the summer.


 IV Nutrient Therapy

IHP has now begun to offer IV Meyers and Vitamin C therapies. See the current Post for a discussion of the rationale, benefits, and safety of such therapies, and Fees for current pricing.


Insurance Update

Getting insurance contracts has been a primary objective of ours in order to keep the practice affordable.  We are happy to say that we have now completed contracting with Medicare, Medicaid, CareFirst, and Cigna for practitioners providing insurance-covered services (Drs. Richter and Rollow, Riz Lakhani our acupuncturist, Rachel Lucke our dietitian, and Laurie Booth our psychotherapist).  All of these practitioners are also contracted with United Health Care, with the exception of Laurie Booth, whose contract action by United is still pending.   Additionally, Drs. Richter and Rollow are now contracted with Aetna; other practitioners are still pending.  We have been told by EHP that contracting will not be completed until May or June.  We are not contracted with any of the managed Medicaid plans:  e.g. Amerigroup, Priority Partners, or Maryland Physicians Care.  We have been told that TriCare is not contracting new providers, but that patients seeing us can submit a receipt for our services to TriCare and receive some amount of reimbursement.


Medical Cannabis

Now that the Maryland dispensaries are open, Drs. Richter and Rollow are certifying patients with appropriate conditions for medical cannabis.  If you wish to be considered for such certification, please schedule an appointment with us.  All certified patients are expected to attend a cannabis educational group session that we will offer shortly.


Our Portal

In December we sent out invitations to all existing patients to sign on to our portal.  The portal can be invaluable in providing secure communications to our practitioners, and additional functionalities that will be available in upcoming weeks.  If you have not signed up, please do so, and email us at if you need another invitation or assistance.