IHP is unique in that we offer an insurance- and concierge- based integrative medicine practice with a full range of conventional and complementary services onsite.  We are committed to your health and healing through person-centered care that addresses the underlying causes of illness.

New patients often tell us that they are looking for a practitioner who takes the time to understand them, to look for ways of helping them that go beyond providing prescriptions for pharmeuticals, and to provide support and guidance as they pursue a healing path.  That is what we do.

We invite you to explore this website to get an understanding of who we are (Practitioners and Staff), what Services we offer and Conditions we treat, how we operate (Information and Fees), and how to get started with us (Patient Links and What’s New).

For further information about the practice, or to schedule an appointment or sign up with us, you can either email us at info@integrativehealthpractices.org or call us at 410-648-2555.

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What’s New?

In addition to physician consultations, we are now offering appointments with our clinical massage, dietitian, reiki, breathwork, psychotherapy, and acupuncture practitioners.  We are still in the process of contracting with insurers for nutritional consultation, psychotherapy, and acupuncture; currently these are available on a cash basis, but may soon be available using insurance for services that … Continue reading What’s New?


We are excited to announce the opening of the practice in early October! The exact opening date is dependent on the credentialing/contracting process that is currently underway with insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid. In the meantime, patients wanting more information about the practice can either email us at info@integrativehealthpractices.org or call and leave us a message … Continue reading Welcome!

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