Lyme/Tickborne/Viral Disease/Mold/Metals and Immune Activation

For many patients, substantial healing results from dietary change to eliminate foods that they have become intolerant to and provide healthy nutrients and fats, gut healing that restores balance to the intestinal microbiome, and restoration of nutrients with more substantial deficiency.  Complementary exercise, meditation, psychotherapy, and breathwork/reiki can also facilitate healing.

For some patients, however, more intensive diagnostics and therapeutics is required.  This is particularly the case in patients with chronic/persistent infection (Lyme/borrelia or other tickborne infections including Bartonella and Babesia, or viral illness such as Epstein-Barr), or with mold or toxic metals that activate the immune system.  The result of these issues is a variety of symptoms that may be non-specific or at best suggestive of illnesses of this type:  fatigue, painful joints/muscles/tenderness points, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety/depression, autonomic imbalance (heart rate or blood pressure instability), sensitivities (to sound, light, and touch), etc.

In these more complicated cases, the healing process can be long in duration and may require more advanced testing and treatments.  Our integrative physicians are experienced and trained in such practice.