No-Show and Late Cancellation Policy

You will be reminded by email and/or text of upcoming appointments 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If cancellation is required, you are expected to at least cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment, unless you have a valid reason for late cancellation or inability to show up for the appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged the No Show/Late Cancellation fee of $100. We will follow up with you to reschedule any appointments with late cancellations or no-shows.

Chaperone Policy

You are welcome to have a family member or other person present in the treatment room for any encounter with an IHP practitioner. You are also invited to request IHP to have a staff member present for an encounter.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As an IHP patient, you have the following rights:

  • To treatment with dignity, respect, and fairness regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, age, health status, or source of payment for care
  • To informed discussion of diagnostic and therapeutic options
  • To make choices about your plan of care

As an IHP patient you have the following responsibilities:

  • To engage with our practitioners fully
  • To actively participate in your plan of care
  • To let us know of any concerns that you might have with our services and care


  • IHP practitioners may recommend supplementary nutrients and herbs as part of your plan of care
  • We make available for purchase a select inventory of supplements that we have chosen because of their quality and potential benefit to our patients
  • We price our inventory below internet prices for patients paying our concierge fee
  • You are welcome to purchase our products or seek similar products outside of our practice