(Including: Attention Deficit, brain injury, aging deficit, TBI, Autism)

Our understanding of the brain and nervous system is evolving. We used to conceptualize it as a closed system, separated from the rest of the body by the blood/brain barrier and unable to repair or regenerate itself once it reached maturity in the second decade of life. We now view the brain and nervous system more dynamically, as profoundly influenced by the gut and other body systems, capable of inflammation and even regeneration, and plastic in their ability to take on functions that had previously been localized in different neural networks.

As practitioners, our role in support of healing is to promote reduction in inflammation and increase in capacity for neurogenesis and neuroplasticity through antimicrobial treatment, gut healing, promotion of healthy metabolism and obesity reduction, promotion of physical and cognitive exercise, support for healthy patterns of psycho/spiritual experience, and use of nutrients and supplements (oral and intravenous) to clear toxicity and promote healthy neuronal functioning.