William Rollow, MD, MPH, ABIHM


Dr. Rollow received a BA in psychology from Harvard University in 1973, an MD from Stanford Medical School in 1977, and an MPH from University of Michigan in 1986. He completed a residency in Family Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago in 1980. He has been certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine. He is Adjunct Professor in Family and Community Medicine at the University of Maryland, and formerly directed the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Health and Healing. 

Clinical Expertise

In addition to having ability to provide integrative care for the full spectrum of adult and pediatric issues, Dr. Rollow has specialized interest in:

  • Lyme/mold/toxic illness
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive and psychiatric disorders, including dementia using Bredesen’s approach

Personal Statement

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn from my relationship with you. I approach each encounter with the intent to understand the underlying issues that are affecting your life and your health. I see my role as to provide guidance among the multitude of options that are available during your healing process, and to be with you as it evolves.


Dr. Cooper completed residency in 2022 in the Combined Family Medicine-Preventive Medicine residency at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She earned a BA in stem cell and regenerative biology at Harvard University in 2012 and then received an MD (2018) and an MPH (2021) from Johns Hopkins University. She is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Cooper provides primary care and consultation for adult and pediatric patients incorporating a functional medicine approach. She has specialized interest in:

  • Integrative diagnosis and treatment of GI disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal imbalance
  • Prevention of chronic medical illness
  • Integrative approaches to mental health needs
  • Food as medicine and natural supplements to enhance each person’s capacity for wellness
  • Personalized healing strategies based on the mind-body connection and partnership with my patients

Personal Statement

I feel called to provide compassionate and whole health care to individuals and families of all ages. I am passionate about using a holistic approach here at Integrative Health Practices. I hope to encourage you in your journey toward wellness and well-being, in the way that you define them for yourself. I seek to empower you to take charge of your health and healing, and I am privileged to be your ally in that process.

Tammy Jett-Parmer, PA-C


Tammy Jett-Parmer PA-C is a certified physician
assistant. She has a BS in Psychology from the
University of Illinois, and attended Maryland’s first PA
program, now located at Towson University. Recently
Tammy completed a post-baccalaureate certificate in
Herbal Studies with the Maryland University of
Integrative Medicine, as well as an exercise nutrition
certification (Pn1) through Precision Nutrition. She is also
a certified health and wellness coach (CHWC). Due to
her own health issues discovered in 2007, and
subsequent recovery with help from a functional
medicine doctor, she shifted her clinical focus to encompass the best in
integrative and environmental care for her patients. A dedicated and perpetual
student with a deep love of learning, Tammy also balances her life with a
dedicated meditation practice and Nia dance.

Clinical Expertise

Tammy has broad experience in integrative medicine, with particular expertise in:

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy
  • Thyroid autoimmunity and hormone imabalance
  • GI disorders including irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Stress Management

Personal Statement

I feel grateful to be able to continue my practice with Integrative Health Practices LLC. I have a deep love of learning and true curiosity which informs my ability to get to the root causes of illness. My own journey of learning in the field of integrative and functional medicine has reflected both personal healing and enfoldment, as well as true perspective change. I am aware of how powerful the journey of transformation can be for anyone walking on the path of healing. I am here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Maria Shesiuk, PA-C

Maria Shesiuk PA-C received a BS in Psychology from Wayne State University in 2010 and MS in Physician Assistant studies from the Towson CCBC PA program in 2012, with hospital-based experience in medical coverage of multiple surgical specialties. She is an NASM certified personal trainer and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, and a competitive Olympic weight-lifter.

Clinical Expertise

In addition to providing integrative care for the full range of adolescent and adult issues, Maria has expertise in:

  • Chronic medical illness, including Lyme, mold, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Optimizing physical and cognitive performance through low carbohydrate, ketogenic, and animal-based diets.
  • Dietary, herbal, and stress reducing treatments for GI conditions.
  • Use of breath-based and meditative techniques in addressing mind-body issues.

Personal Statement

I hope to help you heal by treating the mind and body as one. My professional and personal experience has taught me the importance of physical fitness, mindfulness practices, and self-realization in alleviating symptoms of most ailments. My desire is not to simply treat symptoms and manage illness, but to help you maximize your levels of energy and vitality so that you can truly enjoy life. We have many powerful tools to help the body heal itself. With an open mind and a large dose of curiosity, I have used nutrition, herbs, and movement practices to heal myself and to help others do the same. I view you as the practitioner and myself as your facilitator in healing.