Functional Medicine/Physician Care

Our physicians are integrative – bringing together conventional with complementary diagnostics and therapeutics. A model for this is functional medicine, which is a discipline developed through the Institute for Functional Medicine over the past fifteen years.

In conventional medicine, the focus is often on making a diagnosis and applying medical or surgical treatments to it. Functional medicine seeks to identify problems with systems that underlie a diagnosis and to restore those systems to better health. Most often, in chronic illness, multiple systems are involved, and multiple factors are identified that have mediated the illness. In such cases, the care plan will often encompass a variety of modalities: chiropractic/physical therapy/massage for manual treatment, diet and nutrients for gut healing for reduction in inflammation and restoration of disordered biochemistry or microbiome, acupuncture and meditation for optimization of energy systems, etc.

Appointments are 60 minutes for new patients, then 30 or 45 minutes for follow up. They are generally covered by insurance and if not are priced in our Fee Schedule. Payment of our Concierge Services Fee is required.

Meet our Physicians, Dr. Rollow and Dr. Richter!