We accept insurance for covered services.  Generally physician and psychotherapy consultations are covered by insurance plans.  Acupuncture is covered by many insurance plans, sometimes only for pain, but is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.  Dietitian consultations are covered by many plans, sometimes only for certain conditions; for example, Medicare and Medicaid only cover it for patients with diabetes or chronic kidney failure.

Concierge fees are required to see a physician and are not insurance-covered; sometimes they may be covered by health savings accounts – check your account to see if covered for you.  We verify coverage prior to providing any services and provide information on coverage, but ultimately it is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits.  When we are not able to verify insurance coverage, or for services which insurance does not cover, you will be charged the amounts specified on our Fees page.

We are contracted with Medicare, Medicaid, CareFirst, Aetna, and Cigna for practitioners providing insurance-covered services (Drs. Richter and Rollow, Riz Lakhani our acupuncturist, Rachel Lucke our dietitian, and Laurie Booth our psychotherapist).  All of these practitioners are also contracted with United Health Care, with the exception of Laurie Booth, whose contract action by United is still pending.  We have been told by EHP that contracting will not be completed until May or June.  We are not contracted with any of the managed Medicaid plans:  e.g. Amerigroup, Priority Partners, or Maryland Physicians Care.  We have been told that TriCare is not contracting new providers, but that patients seeing us can submit a receipt for our services to TriCare and receive some amount of reimbursement.