Reiki/Energy Healer

Darcy Rollow

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Darcy Rollow is an energy healer. She received a B.A. in English with a
specialization in Creative Writing at the University of Baltimore, and has
numerous credentials related to her practice, including masters level Reiki
certification, second level Integrated Energy Therapy certification. She has been in clinical practice for five years, published two books of poetry, and is a spoken word performer.

Her personal statement as follows:

I am honored to have a gift that enables me to connect your inner soul with
the universal spiritual world, and to identify and help you address energetic
issues that stand in the way of your health and fulfillment. I’ve seen how
trauma and medical conditions can often be a gateway to healing. I am
honored to be a part of your healing process, to learn from you, and to share
my knowledge, love, and compassion with you.