Breathwork Therapist

Heather Davis


Heather began her study of breathwork at The Inspiration Consciousness School in 2001, completing the 800 hour Psycho-Spiritual Facilitation Training, with an emphasis on Integrative Breathing in 2010. Heather is also a trained Coherent Breathing Practitioner, completing Breath~Body~Mind® Teachers Training for Stress and Trauma, 2012 (created by Drs. Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg). She has guided hundreds of clients through breathwork sessions. Heather also has over 25 years of experience as a doula, supporting families before, during and after birth. She also completed the 120 hour Basic Massage Program at the Baltimore School of Massage in 2000, and trained in Reiki Levels I & II with Diane Stein in 1997.

Personal Statement:

I work with individuals and groups using various breathing practices to promote wellness, healing, and vibrant living, seeing each person as their own greatest healer recognizing that everything needed to support life and personal growth is inside each of us. My practice is based on observation, attentive listening, collaboration and an insightful awareness to uncover the subtleties of what the breath reveals.