Concierge Services/Physician Consultations

IHP provides care to patients receiving services from our physicians or physician assistant on a concierge basis; patients seeing our physicians or physician assistant must sign our Concierge Services Agreement and pay the Concierge Services Fee.

Concierge care is highly personalized, and gives us the opportunity to address the underlying causes of illness.  We combine conventional and complementary modalities in an integrative team approach.  We use patient-reported electronic information to identify effective integrative health practices and guide subsequent care.

Concierge patients are provided with:

  • Same or next business day appointments for urgent matters
  • Direct access to an IHP physician by cell phone for urgent issues during hours when the office is closed
  • Brief e-mail and telephone consultations
  • Outcome-guided treatment plans
  • Restricted physician or physician assistant practice size of no more than 600 primary care patients
  • Discounted access to non-covered group sessions.

All patients receiving care from an IHP physician or physician assistant must:

  • Sign the Concierge Services Practice Agreement.
  • Pay the Concierge Services Fee. For new patients and renewals effective November 1, 2018:
    • Patients choosing to receive ongoing care pay an annual fee of $400.  This may be paid fully prior to the first visit or renewal date.
    • Patients choosing to receive consultative care pay a semi-annual fee of $250 prior to the first visit, and may renew by paying an additional $250 in six months.
    • The charge for a spouse or minor child or minor child sibling of a concierge member is $350 per year or $200 semi-annually.
    • The initial $250 of any concierge fee is non-refundable.
  • Provide periodic electronic information regarding your health history, health activities, and how you are feeling and functioning. This will be used to support our evaluation of the impact of our care for patients, and will guide us in providing care to you